In just 90 days, stop feeling upset and angry, smile and laugh more, and be madly in love in the best way.

Do you wish that you could…?

• Restore your lost connection

• Move the stuff that keeps getting between you

• Feel confident in your ability to do the work

• Put an End to the Chaotic Churn

Move from roommates to lovers

• Close the gap in how you see each other

Work through problems successfully

• Feel like your partner gets you

Confront the hurt, anger, and defeat

Stop the Good Cop, Bad Cop Parenting

Feel supported, important, and wanted

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Jessica Foreman

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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How This Works…

It’s easy to lose confidence in your relationship when you repeat the same arguments for years and never get anywhere. The best way to defeat these entrenched patterns is to rebuild your communication, repair the damage from fights, and restore their friendship by learning:

How to stop the resentment from building and get out of roommate phase

How to respond when you always end up back in the same bad place

What to do when you have had several conversations and you don’t feel like you're getting the support you need

What to do when it's hard for you not to be upset and angry most of the time

What to do when you've talked about the problem multiple times and can’t seem to follow through on a solution

And much, much more!

Take a look at how other couples have

achieved this in just 90 days.

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Here is what we will cover…

Phase one: Break The Cycle

• Remove barriers to spending time together

Stop what's killing your relationship

Focus on communication and self soothing skills

• Bring those good times back!

Phase Two: Talk About Problems Successfully

Follow the rules of constructive arguing

Work through day to day issues rather than repeating the same argument for months.

• Shift your mindset and increase hope, intimacy, and connection

• Ask for what you need with confidence

Look forward to spending quality time together

Phase Three: Restore Your Lost Connection

Create new roles, goals, and rituals

Feel loved, wanted, important, and supported

Set new goals for the relationship

Improve problem solving and compromise skills

• Maintain growth and enjoy deeper connection and fulfillment

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